House of 80’s embellishes and pays homage to the core sounds of the Decadent Decade.
This hot new Hudson Valley band provides a complete 80’s sound experience, giving new life
to the music that defined the decade by using today’s technology while staying true to the spirit
of the original recordings.

What separates our House from the rest of the neighborhood- we cover 80’s hits that the
other bands don’t. Our set lists include technically difficult and challenging songs by artists such as
Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Oingo Boingo, and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Of course, we still cover all the classic 80’s names- Greg Kihn, Tommy Tutone, The Tubes,
Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Tears for Fears, and many more!!

There are NO glitter, glam, or big hair bands in this house.

Whether it is the softer side of rhythm and blues or kick ass dance rock, this band’s killer
classic 80’s sets and stage antics will keep the guests in your house.

So invite the House of 80’s to your house to play!